Project:Gaia Remastered

Remaster of my very first patreon comic - Project:Gaia

After 2 years, I think it's high time to remaster my first patreon comic about Arya..and her project.
This version of course will be made with my current (way better!) sofrware (and power of three GTX 1080TIs V: ) and it'll be quite..extended comparing to 2016 version. Plot will change a bit too..., It'll be remastered and retold, but I think you'll its' direction. It'll be updated, detailed, bigger...and just better!

If you have seen the original one..I bet you'll be quite surprised by how much my art changed during 2 years.
And yeah, there will be part 2...Sooner or later. More details are coming soon! Stay tuned.
Since two-year anniversary of co-operation with CaptainXero is coming....and We think that remaking Gaia good way to celebrate it.
We're really excited to show off this project as it gets closer to release, though that also means there's something we should probably do with the original comic sometime soon...

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USD 8.00

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